BIO- Ahmed Karie

Ahmed Karie, MSW, LICSW

Pre-Doctoral Intern

Ahmed is currently a candidate for the PsyD Program at the University of St. Thomas. Ahmed has worked in the field of behavioral health in the past 8 years. Ahmed works with patients of all aged with a variety of conditions including: ADHD, emotional and behavioral issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, and affective disorders. His assessment focuses on biopsychosocial model for providing diagnostic impressions that can be utilized to: identify or rule out specific psychological conditions, formulate diagnostic impressions, educate the patient and care providers, guide care and treatment, as well as to facilitate program planning. He works in collaboration with patients, parents, teachers, physicians, and other professionals to formulate a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.

Ahmed has experience and expertise in working with patients who are culturally different including, children, teens, and adults from: Laos, Somalia, Liberia, Eretria, Oromo, Ethiopia, Kenya and Karan. His treatment method is based on individual/family capacity, current life context and cultural background by using holistic, eclectic and strength-based approach. Ahmed is bilingual, speaking both Somali and English.

Ahmed is a musician and composer for ethnic Somali music, in his free time he likes to compose and play his keyboard. He also enjoys reading, biking with his family.