BIO- Martha Lind

Martha Lind, LICSW

School-based Therapist

Martha Lind is a licensed marriage and family therapist who was trained at Adler Graduate School and specializes in working with children and families.  She enjoys practicing as a school-based therapist.

Martha was a Minneapolis teacher for 15 years before making the switch to therapy with a desire to have a more direct connection with individual kids and families; for the last 5 years she has met with children aged 5-14 and with the adults who care for them.  She’s told that she has a trusting way which allows people to feel safe to tell parts of their stories that they have not been able to share before.

Martha has training in experiential play therapy and in mindfulness stress reduction techniques, including Emotional Freedom Techniques.  These are powerful  for the release of negative emotion to make room for the positive to flow in.  It is a privilege to do this work helping people find greater freedom for solutions in their day to day living