Equity Statement and Action Plan on Social Justice


Watercourse acknowledges that we are operating within a system of racial oppression rooted deeply in white supremacy. However, we know that acknowledgments are not enough, and we know that more work needs to be done to end racism.  We are committed to actively work on dismantling systemic racism so that all individuals can live fully and freely within our community. Our commitment can only be realized through action.


  • We commit to facing the hard truths and speaking out on how racism, both explicitly and implicitly, operates in our lives and around us.  Our action will include specific and consistent training & discussion programming and maintaining an Equity and Diversity committee within the agency. 
  • We commit to elevating BIPOC voices in our work and prioritizing funding to ensure that no BIPOC school-based clients would be turned away from receiving services.  We will equally work to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health disparities that disproportionately affect BIPOC communities. 
  • We commit to financially supporting these efforts by seeking grant funding that is targeted to supporting our BIPOC staff and community members, paying equitably for culturally specific services and outreach, and ensuring that our training focus will include that from BIPOC professionals and/or professions who understand and acknowledge the systems of racial oppression that impact our clients and their families.
  • We commit to ensuring that our staff, agency leaders and board reflect the diversity of the community we serve and in which we operate. 
  • We commit to sharing educational resources and training models amongst our agency, community and across networks, to better face and understand the challenges and implications of racism in a diverse, complex, and changing world.