Financial Contribution

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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, tax-deductible gifts from supporters like you help bring our mental health services to all people in our community.

*Please contact our office to make payments for services. This function is only for donations. Thanks!

Donate In-Kind

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Our therapists use all kinds of toys, art supplies, and other items that could be purchased and donated.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Minneapolis youth.

20% of Minneapolis youth have a mental health concern that creates an obstacle to learning. Our school-based counseling and therapy services are designed to support and enhance educational outcomes for students at risk, as well as promote emotional well-being. During the past school year, we provided 11,000 school-based mental health services to over 500 students and their families.

Research conducted by Minneapolis Public Schools has shown that school-based mental health services have impacted students' learning in a positive way by increasing access - a mere 15% are able to follow through on referrals to outside community agencies, compared with 85-90% of referrals to our in-school services.

Additionally, research studies have shown that school-based mental health services are correlated with:

  • Lower suspension rates
  • Increased attendance
  • Improved grades

Although we have secured funding to support full-time mental health clinicians in 16 schools, there are still unmet and ongoing needs. Please consider supporting our mission through a financial contribution.

"The way the therapist worked to get my son engaged and comfortable, mixing work and play, getting him to open up was most helpful. This has been a positive experience from the very first session. Thanks for helping my son 'turn it around' so beautifully."

- Parent

If Watercourse wasn't in our schools, I don't think these kids would get the care they need. Right now, there's a waiting list 40-50 kids long for the mental health program."

- Community Partner