The journey through life can be difficult at times. At Watercourse Counseling Center, our caring therapists are here to make that journey with you.

Watercourse Counseling Center is a nonprofit organization, rooted in community, with a 16-year history of serving the emotional needs of people of all ages from diverse communities in Minneapolis.

We strengthen our community through responsive program development to increase emotional wellness. Our community clinics and school-based therapists provide counseling for individuals, families, and groups across the city.

"[Our school-based therapist] worked to get my son engaged and comfortable, mixing work and play, getting him to open up. This has been a positive experience from the very first session. Thanks for helping my son 'turn it around' so beautifully. Having a genuine, warm therapist with a sense of humor is a godsend!"

We operate from a fundamental belief in the power of relationship in life and in healing. Our approach relies on collaboration in which each person’s abilities, sense of self, and life experiences are valued and utilized.

“My therapist offered support and asked the right questions. The treatment plan we wrote kept me in a progressive mindset and seeing and feeling the changes was immeasurably motivating to continue. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with her. Thanks!”